2022 List of Scholarships in Zimbabwe for International Students

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Have you heard there are scholarships in Zimbabwe for African students? These scholarships are not for Zimbabwean or African students alone, because qualified international students can apply for them too. These scholarships make it simple for students to afford quality education without making extravagant spending to achieve either undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Presently, the number of students in Zimbabwe searching for scholarships is increasing annually. If you want to see a wide range of scholarships, it is better to use the internet in searching for them. Some of these scholarships could be owned by the government, organization, or school.

Cost of Studying in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe state universities, the tuition fee has been increased by 450%. It is a geometric increase that requires students to pay higher. In January 2011, the fee hike has affected many sectors. As a result of the increase in tuition fees, the Zimbabwe National Students Union can’t believe the high tuition fee was approved by Professor Amon Murwira.

In 2021, Zimbabwe students paid an average tuition fee of ZWL$9,000, but there is an upsurge in the tuition fee from ZWL$20,000 to ZWL$40,000 per semester. For instance, the National University of Science and Technology wants undergraduate students to pay ZWL$32,000, postgraduate ZWL$8,300, and masters ZWL$45,000.

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Scholarships in Zimbabwe

If you have been wondering to know these scholarships in Zimbabwe, these are the following:

  1. Capernaum Trust Scholarships:

The school has a collaboration with an African telecommunication giant “Econet”. The scholarship is for students with exceptional academic performance, but lack the financial capacity to push their academic forward to the next level. High school is the founder of the scholarship and they have offered several scholarships in Zimbabwe for students.

The serene environment enables students to perform well academically. If you are lucky to be a beneficiary of the scholarship, you will gain accessibility to a reduction in your tuition fee. You can apply online to be part of the Capernaum Trust Scholarship scheme. On the other hand, it is mandatory to have the right qualifications to be eligible for the scholarship.

However, if you aren’t a student of Harare High School, you can’t apply for the scholarship. Some of these essential documents for the scholarship are academic transcripts, a copy of a National ID card, a high CGPA score, high proficiency in the English language, and many others.

  1. BEAM Scholarships:

It is another scholarship in Zimbabwe to assist talented students with finance throughout their education. Zimbabwe indigenes seeking a high school degree program can apply for the scholarship. When you are privileged to get this scholarship, you won’t bother yourself about searching for funds.

Applicants should apply online with the right qualifications to have an edge over others with low academic performance. Underprivileged students can apply to reap the benefits of BEAM scholarships in Zimbabwe. Also, it is necessary to possess documents to back up your application.

For instance, if you have proficiency in any language test such as TOEFL, ACT, or SAT you can apply for the scholarship to support your education. As a result of the abundant benefits, the number of students applying for the scholarship is on the high side every year.

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  1. Google Developer Africa Scholarship:

It is among the recognized scholarships in Zimbabwe. Google Developer Africa is the founder of the scholarship helping Zimbabwe students in becoming notable in their various societies. If you are academically sound, you have the opportunity to become an expert in fields such as information technology administrators, developers, creative professionals, etc.

Also, they have an online education platform impacting students with the right tech skills. These skills open rooms for their trainees to earn a high income. Also, it helps to create progress in their lives using technology to transmit knowledge to them. There are companies behind the Google Developer Africa Scholarship and they are Andela, Google, and Pluralsight.

The scholarship is taken in Zimbabwe with different courses like Google Cloud, Android, and Mobile Web. If you will be applying, you must have the requirements to enjoy different support from information technology professionals. It is compulsory to complete the onboarding survey using the emails on the registration page.

  1. Canaan Group international awards:

The crucial role of the scholarship is to motivate Zimbabwe students to pursue their academic dreams. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree, you should plan to apply for the Canaan Group International Awards. You will be exposed to creativity and innovations that will shape your life into becoming something better.

It is among the scholarships in Zimbabwe that can change your lives. You can use the internet to apply for the scholarship. The numerous faculties eligible for the scholar are Arts and Humanities, Medical Studies, and Engineering. The following documents are necessary for the application for the scholarship such as university certificate, birth certificate, identity card, and many others.

  1. Research Council of Zimbabwe Human Capital Development Scholarships:

The scholarship is specifically for master’s students longing to have extra knowledge in their field. Medical students can carry out more research in Covid-19 through scholarship support. In 1986, the Research Council of Zimbabwe founded the scholarship. The aim is to supervise, promote, and direct useful research.

It is a good platform for students to come together and interact on diverse topics such as government, academics, industries, etc. If you are eligible for qualifications you can apply for the scholarship and become among the beneficiaries. Zimbabwe students have been ripped from the scholarship scheme. Since it is strictly for Zimbabweans, they can pursue Master’s courses like Health Sciences, Engineering, and Natural and Applied Sciences.

It is important to fill in the necessary details on the registration form using supporting documents such as passport, reference letters, national ID card, passport photographs, academic transcripts, undergraduate degree certificates, etc. Having a good undergraduate degree is an added advantage especially degrees like first class or second class upper. If you have good proficiency in the English language you are welcome too.

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These scholarships in Zimbabwe have various requirements for you to be eligible for them. The one that will be crucial to one school might not be to the other school. It is preferable to carry out thorough research on the university to ensure you meet their application needs for their scholarship before submitting your application form and documents.

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