2022/2023 Scholarships in Canada for International Students

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Canada has become a country for most people to recognize in the aspect of education. The cost of studying in this country might discourage you from migrating to Canada. There are different scholarships in Canada for international students. It is necessary to have a good academic performance to be eligible for it. Also, some of these scholarships consider things like the working or volunteering experience of any student.

Scholarships in Canada for international students are becoming highly competitive due to the large number of students wanting to be beneficiaries of things like free tuition fees, accommodation, reduced transportation, and many others. No matter your academic disciplines, you will get access to the scholarship as far as you have the required criteria for it.

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Ways of Getting Scholarships in Canada for International Students

The internet is a major tool for disseminating information from one place to another like wildfire. If you can make use of google research, you will get lots of scholarships in Canada for international students. There are ways to obtain these scholarships, and here they are:

  1. Initial Research:

Students need to cross-check different scholarships to have a decent understanding of their funding options in their country of residence, and one of the effective ways of doing this is through direct contact with the institution.

  1. Contact Selected Institution:

The financial aid of the institution is essential because they have the details of the scholarship and other necessary guidelines that will keep you on track using the application process of the scholarship.

  1. Research Additional Opportunities:

There are other scholarships in Canada for international students, and the Canadian government is the major sponsor for some of them, while others are run by either private foundations, non-profit organizations, or provincial governments.

  1. Application Form:

An application form is necessary when filing for these scholarships. You can apply online and fill in your important details, and if will be the scholarship funder to have an idea about your personality.

  1. Fees Deduction:

If you are chosen for any scholarship, the university will deduct the scholarship amount from the actual tuition fee you were supposed to pay.

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Scholarships in Canada for International Students

These are the different scholarships you can apply for as international students aiming to study in Canada, and they are:

  1. United World College Scholarships:

The scholarship award is for excellent international undergraduate students who have gained admission into United World College through a program at the University of Victoria. If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen you are not eligible for the scholarship because is mainly for international students.

You need to be outstanding academically with a minimum of 32 International Baccalaureate Points, community service, leadership, and school involvement to gain access to the scholarship. When once you are chosen for the United World College Scholarship, you won’t gain access to the Council of International Schools Scholarships. The scholarship comes with a value worth $90,000, and this money is shared across 4 years, and it implies the student gets $22,500 every year.

  1. Council of International Schools Scholarships:

It is another scholarship in Canada for international students, and you need to have a decent grade to gain admission for the scholarship. It is more similar to the United World College Scholarship because it involves academic excellence of a minimum of 32 international Baccalaureate Points.

It offers the same scholarship value in terms of finance, and it is the $90,000 that is being offered to the selected students. The good thing about the scholarship, it can be renewed for more than 3 years or after the completion of the first degree. There is no specified deadline for the scholarship.

  1. Schulich Leader Scholarships:

Dalhousie university candidates who have graduated from a Canadian high school are awarded the scholarship based on several factors such as leadership skills, financial needs, academic performance, etc. You can check the scholarship website for further inquiries or your school counselor.

Your high school has to nominate you for the scholarship and it has a financial value of $80,000 for Engineering students and $60,000 for students in Science and Mathematics. It is strictly for students in both Engineering and Science faculties. Successful candidates are eligible for CAD 80,000, and Dalhousie University is the sponsor of their scholarship.

  1. David Leighton MBA Leadership Award:

This is one of the scholarships in Canada for international students, and you need to be a full-time student enrolled in a Master of Business Administration Program. The scholarship is based on academic achievement and leadership skills possessed by applicants. There is a committee in charge of making the appropriate final selection of eligible students.

Ralph M. Harford is the founder of the award to pay homage or tribute to David S. R. Leighton. You can apply for the scholarship by checking the website of the scholarship to know the criteria required for one to be qualified for it. The scholarship comes with a value of CAD 70,000, but you must be an MBA student.

  1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:

The major aim of the scholarship was to attract the best doctoral students from other parts of the globe and bring them to Canada. They have postgraduate courses in the following fields, such as engineering research, humanities research, and social science research. Every year, 167 international students are being awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.

Some people are eligible for nomination for the scholarship and they are Canadian citizens, International citizens, and permanent residents. When you are luckily selected amongst the successful candidates, you stand a chance of winning CAD 5,000.

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These scholarships have been founded to award students with academic excellence and other creative ideas with a passion for learning. If you are good at any extracurricular activity, you will be likely picked for this scholarship. You need to be committed to community service development. In time past, most students have failed to check the scholarship website to know either they are a perfect fit for the scholarship or not.

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