Top 3 Medical schools in Washington DC in 2022/2023

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Washington DC is another state you will find schools to pursue your medical dreams. There are three medical schools in Washington DC compared to other states in the US. Tourists migrating to the country for the first time visit Washington DC to have a feel of their cultures, art galleries, museums, and many other places.

When it comes to higher education for high school students, there are over 18 institutions available for high school graduates wanting to pursue higher education studies. Although there are three medical schools in Washington DC, lots of medical students have graduated from the school and are making names in the country.

You can study diverse medical degrees in any of the medical schools in Washington DC such as MD, Ph.D., MS, and MPH. As a result of this, medical students can gain access to study further after they are done with their undergraduate studies in medicine. Another thrilling thing about the medical schools in Washington DC, they are located in the heart of Washington DC.

In terms of medical internships, students find it easier to find different centers to gain medical experience in clinics, medical research, hospitals, etc. It is the more reason students are thriving hard to gain admission in medical schools in Washington DC because of the different benefits attached to it.

Initially, Washington DC was called the District of Columbia found at the Potomac River. The River creates a Southwestern boundary and Southern with Virginia. On the other hand, it has a land boundary with another state like Maryland. The name was given to pay homage to Ex-American President George Washington.

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What is a Medical Degree?

In any medical field, it is the highest form of degrees one could have in the medical field, and it is also called Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). The major way to acquire the degree is through enrolling in a medical school and fulfilling the number of years for the course. You can gain admission to medical schools in Washington DC.

Every medical school has its method of education, and it involves going for a medical internship after the normal undergraduate medical school. The essence of the internship is to help them perform better in different medical fields, such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology, Immunology, etc.

Top Medical Schools in Washington, D.C.

We are going to see the three major medical schools in Washington DC you can enroll and bag a well renowned medical degree:

  1. Georgetown University School of Medicine:

The medical university is ranking 53rd in the United States of America based on its well-equipped research facilities for medical students. The main campus has an old structure that was built in the mid 19th century. When once you are enrolled in the school, you have free access to do internships in any of the medical schools of your choice in either Washington DC such as Georgetown University Hospital or Washington Hospital Centre.

Another awesome thing about the institution is the effective research in finding a specific vaccine that will treat people living with cervical cancer (HPV). Getting enrolled in Georgetown University, you can study any of the following courses such as surgery, dermatology, cell biology, neurology, pharmacology, pathology, orthopedic surgery, and many others.

There are 8 basic science, 1 cancer center, 16 clinics, and 24 departments in the school. Also, 1600 members are found in the faculty to carry out different medical research. It is one of the best medical schools to pursue a medical degree and also gain vast experience.

Different notable personalities have emerged from the school such as John J. Ring (former President of American Medical Association), Mark R. Sybil (United States Global AIDS Coordinator), Anthonio Novello (Surgeon General of US), Solomon Synder (Neuroscientist), etc.

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  1. George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences:

The school ranks 59th and is amongst the best medical schools in Washington DC. If you want to bag a medical degree that will make you have a competitive edge over your peers, you can consider George Washington University. The current number of students in the school is over 700, and they have other several medical programs in other courses such as Physician Assistant, Physician therapy, and Doctor of Medicine.

International students have the privilege to enroll in a specific medical program to obtain advanced experience. Some of these unique medical programs available are clinical laboratory sciences, administration training, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, etc. These programs are in partnership with some of the other educational institutions in Washington DC.

The school can boast of Nobel Prize winners in different fields. There are 650 permanent members from the school found at key places in the United States of America such as Fredrick Russel, James Carrol, Julius Axelrod, Jeffrey Lieberman, Walter Reed, etc.

  1. Howard University College of Medicine:

It was founded to pay medical attention to American civil war survivors that occurred in America. The medical hospital played a vital role in caring for causalities during this era to ensure they recuperate on time. Before you can obtain your medical degree, you must complete the required four years for the course to obtain an MD degree. Also, medical graduates wanting to move ahead can enroll for MS and Ph.D. in other medical-related courses such as genetics, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, and many others.

The school offers students key experiences in any medical field and the opportunity to work in hospitals like St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington Hospital Centre, Inova Fairfax Hospital, etc. Learning in a conducive environment makes it easier for students to assimilate things they are being taught in a lecture hall. They have over 4,000 alumni at different top organizations in America contributing immensely to medical growth.

The medical faculty has over 1000 researchers and professional teachers offering full-time services at Howard University College of Medicine. As a result, students are getting positive reinforcement and encouragement to serve the country and humanity. You can be part of the school depending on your seriousness.

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From the article, we have seen there are only three medical schools in Washington DC. Therefore, you need to meet or pass the basic requirements before you can think of bagging a medical degree in any of the medical institutions. Well, there is no harm in trying your luck in any of the schools. Good luck!

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