2022/2023 List of Scholarships in Finland for International Students

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In Finland, they have over 400 bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different Finland Universities. If you are not financially stable, there are scholarships in Finland to finance your tuition fee from year one to final year depending on your academic performance for each year. Besides Finland having scholarship opportunities for international students, most Nordic countries are outstanding when it involves education.

Finland is a country surrounded by other countries like Sweden, Russia, and Norway. These different countries have influenced student’s lifestyles. Anyone seeking top-notch Universities can migrate to Finland to experience a different touch relating to cultural expression. Therefore, if you are from a poor background, you will benefit from these scholarships in Finland.

Different Reasons to Study in Finland

There are numerous reasons for you to pursue your education in Finland, and here they are:

  1. Top-Notch Educational System:

As a result of their high standard of education, it has resulted in over 14,000 international students migrating from their country to Finland. In 2019, Finnish universities were being ranked amongst the top 3 institutions in the world. Finnish schools impact the good virtue to students in different areas such as self-development, self-study, problem-solving, and many others.

  1. Cheaper Tuition Fees:

Besides these scholarships in Finland, their tuition fee is affordable for international students having an interest in studying in Finland. According to estimation, their fees range is from €6,000 to €16,000 every year, and it has led to massive funding opportunities for students. Many Finnish universities offer numerous scholarships to international students, but you have to meet the cut-off mark to be eligible for it.

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  1. Job Opportunities for Students:

There are lots of job opportunities for international students especially for those with outstanding academic performance. When you are through with your education, your institution will help you in finding a suitable job either part-time or full-time. Based on statistics, 55% of Finnish students have gotten employment contracts while they were in school.

  1. High Standard of Living:

The country offers high-quality education to both local and international students in different degree programs. Also, they have good healthcare systems to cater to the well-being of students, but the standard of living is affordable to some extent due to discounts for food and transportation.

  1. Equality and Freedom:

Freedom is one of the reasons people are seeking scholarships in Finland. The good thing is nearly all students have the same opportunities when it comes to education. In some countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, students don’t possess the liberty to select the modules they will like to study, but scholarships have made it easier to study in Finland.

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Scholarships in Finland

  1. Finnish Language Skills Scholarships:

It is a partial scholarship that comes with a financial value of €3,000 and is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is one of the scholarships in Finland for international students. If you happen to be one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship you will be provided with tuition funding that will cover the cost of study, accommodation, transportation, and other expenses.

The major applicants for Finnish Language Skills Scholarships must be citizens of Non-European, and also a student of the university. Application to study any course in the institution is being done online. Before you will be considered for admission in the school, you are meant to have some essential documents such as passport photographs, motivation letters, academic transcripts, etc, and applicants should have level A2 in the Finnish language.

  1. Aalto University International Incentive Scholarships:

It is another partial scholarship in Finland for international students undergoing undergraduate programs in Finland and is available for all courses. Selected students for the Aalto university international incentive scholarships will get a financial value of €1,500. You need to have the relevant criteria to be selected for the scholarship.

You will be given a partial or full scholarship fee depending on the course of study you have enrolled in the institution. During the application for the scholarship, you have to follow the instructions on your chosen course of study for your application to be accepted amongst others.

  1. International Masters Programs Scholarships:

It is part of the scholarships in Finland for international students, and the founder is University of Helsinki for all postgraduate programs. One of the essential criteria for the scholarship is to be outstanding academically. The school is among the top 1% of the leading research university in the globe in terms of ranking.

The scholarship comes with a grant fee between €13,000 to €18,000 lasting for two years. You need to be a full-time student to fit into the requirements of the scholarship, but there is a need to maintain the renewal of the scholarship to achieve continuous financial benefits.

  1. Hanken GBSN Scholarship Finland:

The Hanken School of Economics offers a scholarship for students in faculties such as Business, Finance, Intellectual Property, and Economics. They have over 70 standard business schools on six different continents collaborating with other business education in other developed communities. They offer two premium scholarships for students undergoing a master’s program in the school.

If you have enrolled in the school as a student, and also have the required criteria will get a full tuition fee good two years (€12,500/year). Also, there is €8,000 for living expenses every year, and to be eligible for the scholarship you must have enrolled as a student or alumni of the institution with a degree from a GBSN.

  1. Finland University of Oulu full funding:

The University of Oulu is the founder of the scholarship and is for international students undergoing any undergraduate program in the school. It is one of the scholarships in Finland available for those who passed the required criteria for it. The eligible nationalities for the scholarship are European Union, Switzerland, and European Economic Area, students. Applicants need to meet the requirements and also complete a minimum of 60 credits for the first academic year.

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Scholarships in Finland could either be partial or fully funded depending on the course of study. It is essential to meet the requirements of the scholarship to be selected amongst other students. If you check online for these Finnish universities, you will find scholarships in Finland that will match your course of study.

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