2022/2023 List of Fully Funded Saudi Arabia Scholarship

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There are different destinations for international students to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, etc. Saudi Arabia scholarship is one of the countries attracting many international students to leave their country of residence.

In the University World Ranking System, we have numerous Saudi Arabia universities ranking amongst other top-quality universities. If you want to study abroad, you can consider migrating to Saudi Arabia to enjoy different Saudi Arabia scholarships. As a result, you won’t have to spend lots of money to finance your education.

Every year, the Saudi Arabia government, Universities, and Non-governmental organizations offer diverse scholarship programs for international students in the country. The article will list out the best Saudi Arabia scholarship you can apply to get financial aid opportunities for your education.

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Saudi Arabia Scholarship

  1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Scholarships:

It is an annual Saudi Arabia scholarship for bachelor’s, graduate, and doctorate degrees. It is open for international students across the world. The essence of the scholarship is to support students passionate about scientific research, besides the high standard of education and financial aid. Also, you have the privilege to learn about numerous cultures since the country welcomes students from over 165 countries in the world.

If you want to study for a bachelor’s degree, it is advisable to be at least 17 years old and not more than 25 years old. Masters degree, 30 years old, while for doctorates, 35 years old. The scholarship covers the full tuition, annual travel tickets, and accommodation fees.

  1. King Fahd University Scholarships:

When you want to count Saudi Arabia universities, you will undoubtedly count King Fahd University because of their students’ high-quality education. The school was named King Fahd University to pay tribute to the Late King in Saudi Arabia, King Fahd. It is an attractive university for both indigenes and international students to study at any educational level like Masters and Doctoral degrees.

The school offers Saudi Arabia scholarship opportunities to eligible applicants, but the application is online. Both local and international students can benefit from their scholarship in covering expenses like tuition fees, monthly allowance, and accommodation. You will need to fill your information correctly on the application form with essential documents before submitting it. However, it is vital to have the criteria to make the scholarship founder accept you.

Besides getting the full tuition fee, you can get a monthly allowance to cover your basic expenses such as feeding, accommodation, transportation, textbooks, and many others. You can consider applying for the King Fahd University Scholarship to finance your education.

  1. King Abdulaziz Postgraduate Scholarship Program:

It is one of the best public Universities you will attend in Saudi Arabia. The school ranks 134th globally, and they offer a top-notch educational system that will help you carry out scientific research. As a result, many international students have seen the school as their favorite destination to study for their bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. The application for the scholarship is through their website.

They offer Saudi Arabia scholarships to cover students’ expenses through their course of study. The good thing is their financial aid covers things like tuition fees, airfare tickets, healthcare, allowance, accommodation, etc. It doesn’t matter the course you are studying in the school because you can get access to the King Abdulaziz Postgraduate Scholarship Program. If you want more information on the scholarship, you can visit the school website.

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  1. Islamic Development Bank Scholarships:

It is amongst the financial institutions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The largest shareholder of the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship is Saudi Arabia. Also, we have 56 shareholding countries across the globe. The essence is to provide financial support to students residing in these shareholding countries to pick their choice of university to earn their bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

An international student from these countries that is part of the bank’s founder is eligible to apply for the scholarship. The ISDB is available for undergraduate, Master, and doctoral students. Also, you can get to have some vocational training that will increase your level of employability. They provide tuition fees, allowances, and accommodation.

Each year, the scholarship’s founder announces the application process for the scholarship. It comes up every December, and the application process runs through February. If you don’t submit your application before the deadline, it won’t be accepted anymore. It is advisable to check the website for relevant information regarding the scholarship

  1. Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarships:

It is another Saudi Arabia scholarship for international students to get financial assistance. It was named after the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation, and the primary aim is to assist students wanting to study in the Netherlands. Dutch candidates can thrive to enroll in this scholarship to get financial aid. You must meet the requirements to be eligible for the Saudi Arabia scholarship.

If you have Dutch citizenship, you will be an advantage over other applicants. The scholarship covers both Masters and Doctoral degree programs for indigenes and international students. Successful beneficiaries can obtain the US$18,000 they will get throughout their academic years. It is preferable to visit their website for more guidelines regarding the scholarship application.

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Saudi Arabia scholarships are available for students to finance their studies. These different scholarships can help you bring your educational dream to reality. You can start visiting the website of the scholarship to start registration.

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