2022/2023 List of Top Universities offering MBA in Canada

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Canada is the second-largest country on the globe because of its landmass compared to its population. Therefore, the government has been accepting international students from other countries for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. MBA in Canada is one of the sought-after degrees in the country you can possess and gain recognition from other countries.

It is one of the countries having high attraction from international students for some time now. In terms of facilities, they are well equipped with it as their other competitors such as the U.S., and the United Kingdom. The good thing about pursuing an MBA in Canada is the accessibility aspiring applicants can get to study in Canada

Reasons for Studying MBA in Canada 

Here are the reasons to choose Canada as a country for MBA program:

  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Availability of permanent residency
  • Quality Education
  • Optimum value
  • Experience multiculturalism

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  1. Affordable Tuition Fee:

Getting enrolled in any institution in Canada for an MBA program is cheaper compared to the United States of America, Australia, and the UK. The government has influenced the tuition fee to accept international students from third World countries to study their dream course.

  1. Availability of Permanent Residency:

In some countries, when an international is through with their studies, they travel back to their various countries, but it is different in Canada. After the completion of your MBA in Canada, you can reside in the country for two years working to upgrade yourself, and during this period you can obtain your permanent residence permit.

  1. Quality Education:

It is one of the key reasons for the massive migration of students leaving their country to Canada. Some of these Universities in Canada, offer high-quality education to students using their updated teaching curriculum. Also, you will get exposure to your career due to their excellent facilities or infrastructure.

  1. Optimum Value:

When you are paying for your MBA in Canada, you are investing in your future. Tuition fee has been the major barrier for lots of students. One thing is certain about studying in Canada, and that is the optimum value you will get in return for your money. Many MBA programs offer theoretical and practical knowledge to their students to gain advanced knowledge in facing their careers.

  1. Experience Multiculturalism:

The country is filled with many cultural diversities, and you will experience new opportunities by learning different things from various people. Also, they can boast of a peaceful environment and political stability. In Canada, English and French languages happen to be their official languages. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to learn new language skills, but there are Universities you can enroll for MBA in Canada.

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Top Universities Offering MBA in Canada

Here are the various Universities to enroll for MBA in Canada, and they are:

  1. Schulich School:

It is a business school sitting in the 45th position of the university world ranking system. On the other hand, it is the number 1 institution in Canada to pursue an MBA program. Based on its reputation, both Forbes and CNN have acknowledged the university. Every January and September, the institution admits new intake ready to study full-time MBA program.

The school has different types of MBA programs such as part-time MBA, full-time MBA, and dual MBA depending on the one that catches your interest. Also, if you have the required work experience alongside your bachelor’s degree, there is an option to complete your MBA within 8 months.

You must have a minimum average grade of B from your last 2 years of an undergraduate program, but if it is a 3-year degree, then, having 1-year working experience is important. The cost for MBA in the school for domestic students is different from international students, because the former is $17,973/semester, while the latter is $26,722/semester

  1. University of Canada West:

The school has a unique method of placing their students with relevant jobs after six months of completing their MBA in Canada. There is a high number of international students from across 45 different countries offering diverse courses. The school admits its students four times a year – Winter in January, Spring in April, Summer in July, and Fall in October.

If you get enrolled in the University of Canada West, you will see different courses like Bachelor of Commerce, Associate of Arts, Bachelor’s of Art in Business Communication, etc. You need a minimum GPA score of 3.0 to 4.33, professional qualifications like CMA, CA, 3 years of working experience, well-detailed resum√©, and a good score in language test to be eligible for an MBA in the school.

  1. University of Alberta:

The University has a world ranking of 119 and it has been recognized for top-notch education in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Over the years, they have welcomed students across 170 countries offering 700 different MBA programs. Every year 60% out of the total number of applicants are being admitted into the University of Alberta.

However, it is still challenging to get admission to one program compared to another. The main admission for new students take happens during the fall season, and they offer various courses to students such as Career Management Skills, International Business, Finance to Marketing, Public Policy and Management, Sustainability, etc. You need to meet up the requirements to be admitted into the school.

:4. University of British Columbia:

It is a competitive university in Canada due to the high number of students applying for admission into the University. They have a good reputation for their past graduates contributing to various fields. The acceptance rate for undergraduates is 50%, whole postgraduate degree is 25%. The admission officers are more concerned about students who have passed the cut-off mark.

The annual intake for new students is in Winter, Summer, and Fall. They offer other Master’s programs such as Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Master of Business Analytics, etc. You need a good language score in one you will be writing such as IELTS 7.0, PTE 70, TOEFL 100, and the annual cost of tuition fee for international students is CAD 15,792.

  1. University of Toronto:

The MBA program for the University of Toronto is a full-time program lasting for two years. It has been ranked as one it the top universities with the best programs in North America. There are over 90 elective courses, and they offer awesome careers for their students before they are through with their MBA.

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International students are enrolling for MBA in Canada in different courses to gain broad knowledge in their fields. You can get admission into any of these institutions and study your course. It is better to think wisely about the course you have the intention to study and ensure the requirements are available to be considered for it.

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