9 Worth-It Left Handed Scholarships for 2022/2023

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We have left-handed scholarships for left-handed students. These students’ brains are wired differently from students using their right hands to write on their books. According to research, left-handed students are more proficient when it involves performing different tasks. There are different left-handed scholarships you can apply for online.

However, many lefties have more creative abilities than being analytical. As a result, they get different scholarships in diverse fields like Politics, Entertainment, Art, and many others.  On the other hand, being left-handed is demanding because you must be fat in adapting to various items such as computer mouse, scissors, desktop, binders, etc.

In the U.S, they have had different presidents that were left-handed. These presidents were influential in their positions like Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, James Garfield, Henry Truman, George Bush, Herbert Hoover, etc. Without wasting any time, we will like to see different left-handed scholarships.

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Left Handed Scholarships

  1. James River Church Left-Handed Scholarship Award:

The scholarship is spread into four semesters to offer educational funds to students using their left hands to perform their tasks. Also, if you are a graduated high school senior, you are eligible to apply for the James River Church Left-handed scholarship. If you become successful, you will get $500. The scholarship has partnerships with Evangel university.

As an eligible applicant, you must possess artistic ability by curating a 500-word essay on left-handed students. Also, you can send paintings, graphic design creations, photography, etc. Every year the scholarship funds students throughout the four semesters of the scholarship program. You can apply for the scholarship and might be lucky to be some of the beneficiaries of it.

  1. The MRCA Scholarship Left-Handed Scholarship:

It is one of the left-handed scholarships and is funded by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. Beneficiaries could get between the US $500 to $3,000. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the scholarship. It is mandatory to be fully registered into the school. It will be necessary to have a high CGPA of 3.0 or B average equivalent.

The MRCA Foundation Board of Managers plays a vital role in the quantity and dollar amount of scholarships given by the MRCA Foundation. You must be eligible lefties specializing in fields such as engineering, construction, industrial design, metallurgy, architecture, etc. Being a US citizen is a good way to get fast access to the MRCA scholarship left-handed scholarship, and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

  1. Shelton State Community College Scholarship Program:

The Shelton State Community offers its scholarship application to eligible students. It is compulsory to be left-handed to be partakers of the scholarship. Whether you are a student or an employee, you can apply to get the scholarship award. This college is a free admission institution for everyone with the requirements.

Students with general education or high school diploma are eligible to enroll for its admission. Its foundation offers diverse scholarships to students enrolled in the Shelton State Community College. It is during the fall semester scholarships are given and they can fit into different semesters such as spring, summer, and fall.

  1. Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund:

The scholarship fund is available in the American Culinary Federation for lefties in high school. If you are accredited by a college to study courses like arts or baking, then you can apply for the scholarship. Applicants must possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and also have contested in different cooking competitions.

Furthermore, applicants are active in volunteering to become registered apprentices in ACF. Also, you can present two recommendations with a strong determination of working as a chef with many years of experience.

  1. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship:

Every year, they have daughters of the American Revolution selecting two freshmen college students and older Americans. If you have any financial need and academic merit to get enrolled in a four-year accredited college in the country, you can apply for it. It is one of the left-handed scholarships for U.S. citizens.

If you have similar interests in courses like economics, history, or political science, the Enid Hall Griswold Scholarship can offer you $5,000. There is a deadline for the scholarship that requires you to submit your scholarship application before the deadline.

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  1. Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship:

Lefties participating in different community services can apply for the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship to get the sum of $1,000. For you to be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a full-time student studying in a high school. Also, if possible residing in a community sponsored by Comcast. Also, it is necessary to demonstrate leadership and make preparations to attend an accredited nonprofit college.

  1. ESA Foundation Scholarship Program:

Right from 2017, the Entertainment Software Association scholarship is given to both fill time left-handed and right-handed students. If you are offering an accredited curriculum leading to a career in either video games or computer arts, you are eligible for the scholarship. A total number of 30 scholarships are given out to students worth over $30,000 annually. Qualified applicants must be students or women who belong to a minority. Being a US citizen is mandatory to be part of one of the left-hand scholarships.

  1. The Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship:

The scholarship is offered to female lefties offering undergraduate courses. Students having the intention of getting the scholarship must have a qualification in science to be eligible for it. Also, students considering a research career will have to take a preference. Trainees can apply for the award but need to have. A grade point of nothing less than 3.0 is to be considered for it. On the other hand, they offer multiple courses for students to make their choices on their scholarships.

  1. John Kitt Memorial Scholarship:

It is one of the renowned scholarships available for left-handed students in America. If you qualify for the scholarship, you will earn $5,000, but must be a fresher offering a four-year course in any American university. Also, it is preferable to offer courses like Biology, Science, Food Science, Culinary Arts, Nutrition, and many others. If you are a left-handed student and have the interest to show real commitment to a career belonging to the confectionary industry can apply for the scholarship.

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Left-handed scholarships make it easier for lefties to have scholarships to sponsor their education. You can check out any of the scholarships and get things started for yourself by having a fulfilling career.

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