9 Worth-It Free Universities in Canada for 2022/2023

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Canada has gained a reputation for its top-notch education in different courses attracting international students from various parts of the globe. Free Universities in Canada have graduated students doing exploits in their field. Their education cuts across natural science, physical science, and arts.

It will surprise some of these free universities in Canada ranking high in the world university ranking system. Whether you are trying to gain a bachelor, master’s, postgraduate, or doctorate, you can obtain them in these universities. International students are free to study there if they possess the right qualifications.

Different Ways to Study in Canada at Zero Cost

  1. Studying Hard and Submit Early Application:

A good application is an excellent way to study in Canada without paying any money. For instance, students with high grades stand a better chance of gaining admission into Canadian universities. Also, your academic awards and extracurricular activities are components that can influence your admission. Furthermore, it is necessary to start processing your application on time to be admitted into your preferred school.

  1. Apply for Scholarships in Canada:

Canada is an excellent country to study for your tertiary education and offers different opportunities for international students. However, there can be financial issues, especially for international students. Getting these Canadian scholarships can help resolve financial struggles for anyone. The different universities are attracting international students using their scholarship programs.

  1. Applying to Affordable Canadian Universities:

Affordable education in Canada allows students to meet their academic goals even when they don’t have scholarships. For instance, undergraduate degree programs charges between CAD20,000 to CAD30,000 every year. Another thing is the cost of enrolling in any school might be different depending on the program. Clinical science courses are expensive compared to Humanities programs.

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Free Universities in Canada

These are the free universities in Canada, and some of them offer fully funded scholarships:

  1. Saint Mary’s University:

It is one of the free universities in Canada offering tuition-free educational, international students. If you dream of getting an undergraduate degree, you can enroll here. The university provides eight different scholarships annually for international students to study their undergraduate courses. The good thing is that students can renew these scholarships by having the renewal requirements. Also, freshers can apply for these scholarships with their excellent academic performance with verified financial needs.

  1. Concordia University:

Concordia University is among these free universities in Canada providing Presidential scholarships for international students. International seeking where to study for their undergraduate degree can apply for admission. Students with high academic grades and leadership skills will lead to a better community in their society. They have a scholarship award for students covering living expenses, textbooks, and tuition fees every year.

  1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology:

It is another Canadian university that offers free education to international students. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology has $5 million scholarships for students every year. It would help if you were outstanding academically to get this scholarship. Freshers are eligible for the scholarship to need their financial needs and other academical areas. You can renew this scholarship by maintaining the renewal requirements.

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  1. The University of Toronto:

Two different funding opportunities are available for international students in the University of Toronto, such as fully funded and partially funded for students in various degree programs at any level. They offer Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program to international students. Top ranking Canadian universities are funding this scholarship to students in which the University of Toronto is among them. The scholarship program covers incidental fees, textbooks, tuition fees, and many others.

  1. The University of Calgary:

It has private-based and government scholarships for undergraduate and graduates international students. They have fully and partially funded scholarships, while they still have bursaries and fellowships for students as financial aids. The school offers Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships for students. It is available for students to study a course of their choice for different academic levels. It is renewable for four years, depending on the student’s renewal requirements.

  1. The University of Waterloo:

You might be thinking, why do we have the university of Waterloo in this article. The reason is that the school offers two fully-funded scholarships for international students: the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship. These two scholarships are for graduate and master’s students throughout their academic study in the university.

  1. Carleton University:

Carleton University is one of the free universities in Canada for international students wanting to bag a degree at either undergraduate or postgraduate level without paying any dime. The university has made it easier by providing for freshers entering the school to apply for the scholarship. Students are highly likely to renew the scholarship for good extra three years to meet the renewal requirements.

  1. York University:

York University is another institution for the citadel of learning and offers different scholarship opportunities for international students. They have three different scholarships for international students to enroll at zero cost. These scholarships are the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction, York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships, and the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students. International students hoping to earn an undergraduate degree can apply for the scholarship

  1. The University of British Columbia:

The University of British Columbia is one of the free universities in Canada offering three different scholarships for international students. The scholarship is fully funded, and there is room for students to maintain the renewal requirements after being awarded a scholarship to retain it for another three years. You can study your preferred undergraduate and graduate programs without bothering about tuition fees.

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These scholarships are for undergraduate and graduate students. Also might be for either permanent residents Canada or Canadian citizens. Therefore, it is advisable to make many inquiries before applying for any scholarship in this content.

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