2022/2023 List of Cheapest Universities in Australia

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Australia is one of the study destinations for many international students. We have over 350,000 that have migrated to Australia for study purposes. According to speculations, the number will soon increase based on the country’s high standard of education. The cost of living in Australia is high, but there are the cheapest universities in Australia. Without further ado, we will see some educational facts about Australia.

Educational Facts About Australia

  • International students perform well with real-life experience.
  • Seven of the renowned best cities for students in the world are found in Australia.
  • The Australian government has invested A$300 for international students to obtain scholarships.
  • Most of their universities are ranking top 50 in the world ranking system.
  • Over 2.5 million Australian international alumni are making a significant impact in their societies.
  • Australian Universities have over 16 Nobel laureates.

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Cheapest Universities in Australia

  1. Federation University of Australia:

It is a public university located in Ballarat with different branches in cities like Churchill, Horsham, Berwick, Brisbane, Ararat, and Stawell. The Federation University of Australia was launched in 1870, and it happens to be the fourth oldest tertiary institution in the country. The tuition fee for the school starts from $17,335 per annum. It is among the cheapest universities, and they have different courses like Engineering, Science, Information, Physical Education, Midwifery, Psychology, Paramedicine, etc.

  1. Victoria University:

It is also called VicUni or VU, and it is a public university in Melbourne, Australia. In 1916, it was initially called the Footscray Technical School before it got its university status in 1990. Presently, it is one of the cheapest universities in Australia, with campuses in the Western region and Sydney. These different branches have a total number of 15,000 students of which 28% of the population are international students. They have courses such as Business, Health, Biomedicine, Sports and Exercise Science, etc.

  1. Torrens University:

It is another affordable institution in Australia that came out in 2013. As a result, it is one of the youngest Australian Universities. International students can enroll for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree depending on their qualifications to study courses like Media Design, Hospitality Management, Design, Hotel Management, Business, and many others. Presently, it has 10,000 international and local students studying different courses.

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  1. Charles Darwin University:

In 2003, Charles Darwin was founded, and it is a public university formed from the combination of three different schools. The headquarters is in Darwin, with eight other branches in the same region. It is a dual-sector school that simultaneously offers university and vocational courses in fields like Health and Human Science, Nursing and Midwifery, Business and Law, etc. Over the years, the enrollment rates have increased due to international students gaining admission into the school.

  1. Australian Catholic University:

It is one the cheapest universities in Australia that is top-rated like other Australian universities. In 1991, the Australian Catholic University started with the merging of 4 other institutions. The school has undergraduate and graduate programs in 4 significant faculties like Health Science, Theology and Philosophy, Arts, and Education. Also, there is a satellite branch in Rome alongside the Catholic University of America. Although the university is not involved in carrying out research, they have diverse programs students can leverage.

  1. University of the Sunshine Coast:

In 1996, the university came out with a student population of 624. Presently, the population of the university has increased to over 10,242 students. Also, it seems like one of the cheapest universities in Australia, making massive progress in academics. It has diverse campuses in Gympie, Caboolture, Fraser Coast, etc. International students have the privilege of offering courses like Creative Design, Education, Design and Communication, etc.

  1. Western Sydney University:

In 1989, the university was opened as a public school, and it has served Western Sydney with campuses in different regions such as Liverpool, Perth, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Parramatta, etc. A combination of two colleges created the school. As a  result, Western Sydney University has different courses like Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Medicine, Law, etc. According to statistics, they have many international students enrolled in the school.

  1. University of Wollongong:

It is one of the cheapest universities in Australia for third-world international students struggling to pay their tuition fees. It is situated in New South Wales and was regarded as the New South Wales University of Technology. Presently, it has an independent status with other courses in Vegas, Bateman’s Bay, Moss Vale, Sydney, etc. The university has a different range of courses like Engineering, Law, Information Science, Social Science, etc.

  1. Southern Cross University:

It is a multi-campus public school with numerous branches in Gold Coast, Coffee Harbour, and Lismore. The Southern Cross University happens to be among the cheapest universities in Australia. Although it came out in 1994 and has won several notable recognitions. The different undergraduate and graduate programs are delivered via education, Health, Social Science, Business, Tourism, etc. Out of 10,000 students, they have 3of 2% of students are emerging from other countries.

  1. University of New England:

Many students confuse the University of England with another one in the United States. The school came into existence in 1938, and it is called the New England College of the University of Sydney. In 1994, the school was merged with another university to the modern-day University of New England. It has Humanities faculties that control two schools – Science, three schools, and Medicine & Health with three departments. It has over 1,400 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students, both indigenous and international.

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Australian Universities have reasonable tuition fees for international students to afford while receiving a high-quality education. You can consider enrolling in any of the cheapest universities in Australia to bag a degree in any course of your choice.

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