8 Cheapest Medical Schools to Consider for 2022/2023

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Every human craves good health because they need to be in the right frame to perform their normal functions. When it involves the cheapest medical schools globally for international students, many of them are available to students with the proper criteria. Over the years, many international students have searched for the cheapest medical schools to obtain their degrees.

Furthermore, becoming a medical doctor does not come in a platter of gold because you need to put in the hard work. Medical research and discoveries are two inevitable things carried out in the medical world. Since the profession deals with human lives, students should pay rapt attention to face their tasks attentively at any time. In any university or institution in the world, medicine is highly competitive.

Cost of Studying Medicine       

In some medical schools, they carry out telemedicine. The process involves patients contacting medical doctors to diagnose themselves using technological equipment. In many instances, many medical students have withdrawn from studying medicine because they can’t afford the tuition fee.

However, if you dream of studying medicine, you can bring that dream to reality by studying in these cheapest medical schools. As a result of trying to bag a medical degree, you need to understand the finances involved for international students. Some medical schools have different interviews for students wanting to become their medical students.

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Cheapest Medical Schools

These are the various cheapest medical schools:

  1. Ternopil State Medical School:

The medical school is located in Ternopil, and many international students are getting admission into the school to study medicine. It is one of the cheapest medical schools on the globe. In 1957, the university came out, but it was called Ternopil medical. Right from its existence, there have been many changes in different areas such as research, equipment, professionals, etc.

Besides being one of the cheapest medical schools, they have highly skilled professionals with a superb reputation. According to statistics, they have more than 5,500 students inside the school. Also, over 1,500 international students are cut across from various countries. If you are lucky to study in the university, you will have the privilege of opting for dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, etc.

  1. Kazan State Medical School:

The medical school is situated in Kazan, and it is amongst the cheapest medical schools you will find in Russia. International students are finding ways to study in the school because it can meet their various personal and social needs to get high-quality education relating to their medical fields like medical sciences, biomedical sciences, and clinical sciences.

Presently, the medical school is ranking 3rd amongst other cheapest medical schools in Russia. The curriculum covers numerous medical-related areas such as general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, preventive medicine, etc.

  1. Asian Medical Institute:

The Asian medical institute is in Kyrgyzstan, with many international students migrating to Kyrgyzstan. As a result of their exceptional performances, the medical school is recognized by the Indian medical organization and World Health Organization as among the best medical institutes globally.

Furthermore, the school has numerous recognition from the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Health to groom other medical professionals migrating from other countries. If you are an international student, you stand an opportunity to earn a reputable medical degree recognized in different countries. They have faculties such as medical, dentistry, preparatory, etc.

  1. Anhui Medical University:

It is among the cheapest medical schools in China and the oldest in the Anhui province. Right from where it came out, the primary aim of the medical school is to enhance interdisciplinary amongst medical students through their scientific and clinical activities. The step has been effective in combining medical research and medical strength.

The Anhui medical school expanded the school and established other hospitals for medical students to carry out their medical practice. They can boast good laboratories for both indigenes and international students to acquire world-class medical lectures. If you are interested in medicine, you can enroll in the school.

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  1. Akaki Tsereteli State University:

The medical school has a rich heritage and has won different medical awards. As a result of its high-class education, many international students find ways to enter the school. The total number of students that have graduated from the school is up to 170,000 medical students.

As a result of their exceptional performances by their students, it is ranked as the 2nd best medical school you will see in Georgia. The World Health Organization regards the school as a first-class institution. Also, they offer numerous medical programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

  1. Saint Theresa Medical University:

Saint Theresa Medical University is located in Armenia. It is a private institution with accreditation from the ministry of education. The medical school offers different medical programs that can lead you to obtain high medical educational degrees.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students emerging from numerous countries. Besides medicine and surgery for international students, they have other faculties such as arts, engineering, physical sciences, humanities, etc.

  1. Bangladesh Medical College:

It is amongst the cheapest medical schools and is located in Bangladesh. It is found in Dhaka, India. The duration of studying in Bangladesh medical college is five years. It is mandatory for medical students after their graduation from school to go for an internship program for at least one year. The school has notable world-class medical professionals creating positive effects in their society.

  1. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine:

Initially, it was called the Mayo Medical School, and it is a medical school that centers on research. The school is situated in Rochester, Minnesota. Also, they have other campuses like Florida and Arizona. The medical school is under the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. After completing their program, they offer a Doctor of Medicine to their graduands. They have accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and Liaison Committee on Medical Education.

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If you have been trying to find the cheapest medical schools to enroll in, the article has shortlisted different medical schools that will help you acquire good medical grades in your undergraduate course in becoming a medical doctor. You can choose any of the schools and kickstart.


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