2022/2023 List of Cheap Universities in Canada to Consider

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Do you want to study in a country with diverse cultural ethnicity? then you can consider Canada as one of the countries to further your education. The country has records of accepting international students from various parts of the globe. Also, they have cheap Universities in Canada with a plethora of programs, such as undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees.

There are numerous academic opportunities for both domestic and international students in diverse fields. If your background is not financially stable, you can gain access to study in one of the affordable Universities in the country with educational grants, and scholarships for students to fund their education. On the other hand, it is important to know the cost of studying in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Cheap Universities in Canada

The first thing you might consider before migrating to Canada for your education is the tuition fee because it is the major part of your entire expenses in Canada, and other factors influencing the cost of tuition fees like the city of study, course of study, university reputation, and lots more. It will amaze you that the average tuition fee is not above CAD 35,000.

Furthermore, the cost of undergoing an undergraduate degree in any department/faculty in Canada is approximately CAD 30,000/year. In Canada, there are two faculties with high tuition fees and they are Medicine and Engineering. These faculties involve lots of practicals and research work, therefore, students have to pay an extra fee to cover materials used in practicals.

Postgraduate courses are available in various cheap Universities in Canada for students to have master’s degrees. An average of CAD 18,000 is good to go for a master’s degree in Canada. If you have an interest in having a postgraduate degree like MBA, then, you must have a fat pocket because of the expensive tuition fee. At this juncture, let’s see the numerous cheap Universities in Canada.

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Cheap Universities in Canada

  1. Brandon University:

The University came into existence in the year 1889 and has groomed many notable persons in Canada. It is situated in the heart of Manitoba with a total population of 3,000 students offering various courses. Based on its cheap tuition fee, different students have gotten a degree in Liberal Arts and Science courses.

For instance, the average tuition fee for an undergraduate course at Brandon University is between CAD 13,000 to 15,000, while offering any postgraduate programs will be around CAD 6,400. When you can afford this tuition fee, you will get access to earn degrees like BSc Computer Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Rural Development, etc.

  1. University of Guelph:

The university is an integration of different schools – Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario Agricultural College, and Macdonald Institute. It was established in 1964 and is amongst the cheap Universities in Canada with over 19 departments for students to choose their course of study.

One of the key benefits of being a student at the University of Guelph is the affordable tuition fee available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. For an undergraduate program, the average tuition fee is between CAD 16,997 and CAD 19529, while the postgraduate course is between CAD 8,644 to CAD 17,808 with degrees to bag in the school – MSc Computer Science, Graduate Diploma in Tourism Research, Ph.D. Social Practice, etc.

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland:

It is found on the Canada East Coast and they started operation in 1925 as an academic institution. Initially, it was a memorial service to assist those killed in World Wars (1 &2). The present population of the school is over 18,000 students from different countries. In 2020, the university was ranked as the 22nd best school in Canada.

They have over a hundred programs available and 125 exchange programs in different countries in the world. It is among the cheap Universities in Canada to earn both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The average tuition fee is approximately CAD 22,460 for courses with 30 credit hours, while for postgraduate costs, the fee is between CAD 8,130 and CAD 15,271. They have some degrees like Graduate Diploma Philosophy, Bachelor of Nursing, MEng Mechanical Engineering, etc.

  1. Canadian Mennonite University:

The Mennonite Church in Canada happens to be the founder of the university and it is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different disciplines such as Biology, Music, Divinity, Theological Studies, Communication, and Media. The tuition fee for an international student is CAD 17,000 for 3-credit courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They have degree programs such as Master of Divinity, MA Christian Ministry, BA in Biblical and Theological Studies.

  1. University of St. Boniface:

In Western Canada, it is the first recognized university founded in 1818. In 2012, the school became a university officially and has been regarded as one of the cheap Universities in Canada. They have diverse courses or programs that cut across different disciplines like Arts, Education, Business Administration, Health, etc.

The tuition cost for international students in either undergraduate or postgraduate programs is approximately $4,600 to $7,500 for the first year for any course or program. They have courses such as Certificate Translation, Master of Education, Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing, and 2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada.

  1. McGill University:

It is one of the Universities in Canada established in 1821, and they have a large number of international students from over 150 countries. One of the interesting things about the institution it belongs to the Association of American Universities. Out of a total population of 41,000 students, 31% are international students trying to obtain an undergraduate degree.

The cost of doing an undergraduate program is approximately CAD 21,388 to 57,575. Also, the campus is spread on a large acre of land with divisions into lower and upper campuses. They have notable researchers in some discoveries like genetic codes, DNA, advancement of atomic theory. The different courses in the school are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Management, Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing.

  1. University of Calgary:

It is another institution offering affordable tuition fees for international students. The University of Calgary has four different campuses including one in Doha, Qatar. The faculties are equipped with world-class research facilities to aid students’ learning, and friendly staff to support students grow academically and in all spheres of life.

It has been ranked as the 6th institution, and they have a high employment rate compared to other universities in Canada. The average tuition fee for postgraduate students is CAD 29,087, while for undergraduates it is between CAD 2,218 to 3,826. Some of the renowned degrees in the school are Master’s in English, Master’s in Architecture, Master’s in Business Administration, etc.

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Cheap Universities in Canada make it easier for international students to acquire their degrees in either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. When you get admitted to one of these Universities in this content, you will get a high standard of education while paying fewer tuition fees from year one to final year.

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