2022/2023 Requirements to Apply for Canada Student Visa

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Do you know Canadian student visa is one of the most sought after student visas in the globe? Every year the country is attracting a large number of students with excellent academic performance to pursue either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. One of the reasons students want to study in Canada is due to the high quality of education they offer to students.

For instance, you have finished learning how to drive a car, you need a driving license to grant you permission in driving. On the other hand, a Canadian student visa is a study permit that gives you the privilege or freedom to study in Canada without any interference from Canadian immigration officers. At this point, you might be pondering to know the meaning of a study permit.

What is Study Permit? 

It is an essential document offered by Canadian immigration to international students for permission to study their educational program in Canada. Without this study permit, there is no way you would enroll in any Canadian university for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

There are some mandatory documents to present before the Canadian immigration officers at the Airport – letters of introduction and other relevant documents. They will be the ones to validate your entire documents to know either they are valid or not. If you could pass the validation process, you will be sure of getting the Canada student visa. Before passing the validation, there are requirements to be fulfilled for this student visa.

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Important Requirements for Canada Student Visa

If you have the following, then, you are liable to apply for this study permit, and they are:

  • Getting accepted to study in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Adequate finance for tuition fees, feeding, accommodation, transportation, etc.
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Good health certificate
  • Readiness to leave Canada after the end of studies.

What are the documents necessary for Canada Student Visa?

You should apply for a student visa after you have been given an acceptance letter from the Canadian university. Here are the required documents:

  1. Valid Passport:

You must ensure to possess one to be considered for the study permit. According to Canadian High Commission, a valid passport should cover the entire time you will reside in Canada. For instance, if you want to migrate to Ottawa in November 2021, for a three-year course, your passport should cover you at least till November 2024.

  1. Evidence of Acceptance by Recognized Institution:

You need the acceptance letter from the institution to show you will be awarded admission to study in their country. During the study permit application, the acceptance letter will be attached to the letter for the Canadian immigration officers for reference purposes.

  1. Proof of Adequate Finance:

Many students have failed in their student visa application, and due to this, they had to start over again. During the process of applying for a study permit, you need to show proof of adequate funds that you are capable of paying tuition fees, feeding, accommodation, transportation, medical, etc. The stipulated cost of living in Canada is CAD 10,000, but it depends on the province you want to stay.

  1. Passport Photographs:

The offline application for the visa requires two passport photographs and it must fit the University recommended standard. The recent passport photographs shouldn’t be more than 4MB with the size of at least 35 mm× 45mm.

  1. Immigration Medical Examination:

There are special doctors set aside for this type of medical examination. You must book an appointment and visit any of the doctors for the immigration medical examination. It is something that should be done a week earlier before applying for a Canada student visa. This will offer the doctors adequate time for documents validation and uploading. The examination might involve laboratory tests and X-rays.

  1. English Language Test Score:

During the process of applying for the study permit, the language test score might not be essential, but as time goes on you will need it. Original copies of your language test score should be submitted to the admission office of the university either SAT, ACT, IELTS, or TOEFL.

  1. Statement of Purpose:

It is an essay that underlines your aim of migrating to Canada and why the university happens to be your choice. The best way of writing the essay is to make your reasons clear and convincing enough to the Canadian embassies.

  1. Credit Card:

The card helps you to make any online payment regarding your application fee. It will cost you CAD 160 for the Canada student visa, and the card has to be an active card for payment to be approved.

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Method of Application for Canada Student Visa

There are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Checking Visa Processing Time:

If you want to get the correct date for the application for a study permit, then, you can visit any Canadian consulate nearer to you or visit the website, you will get the proper time for the Canada study permit.

  1. Canada Study Visa Application:

There are two ways of applying for the study permit and they are – online application or apply in person. Any method you use in applying is still effective, but they are different from each other. For the online application, you must have either a scanner or camera to generate electronic copies of documents for internet upload.

Also, you will need a finger scanner for your thumbprint, while for the application in-person method, you download the documents from http://www.vfsglobal.ca/canada, and follow the entire process to ensure the right submission.

  1. Payment of Processing Fee:

Submission of an application through the VFS either in person or by mail requires you to pay a processing fee for your application to be processed. It is a non-refundable fee for everyone applying for a Canada student visa.

  1. Submission of Documents and Application:

The submission of these documents is to visit any VFS office closer to you. You will be charged with a few, and you have to pay which is the service charge. After you have handed over your documents and application, you can track the progress of your application online.

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Canada student visa is an important document from the Canadian immigration officers to grant you the freedom to live and study in Canada. The application can be done either online or offline, and the processing fee has to be paid alongside the application form. Also, the necessary documents have to be valid for your application to be considered, and you can visit the website for more information.

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